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Thank You!

The North Oakland Concert Band would like to thank our donors for their generous support during the PAST concert seasonS

The North Oakland Concert Band needs your support! Our musicians donate their time and talent to the band; your donation helps us pay for rehearsal and performance space, music, and the music director's compensation. Please help us ensure that the band will play on by donating today.

Benefactors ($1000 and up)
Arthur Hiler

Premier Friends ($500 to $999)
Donna Delf
North Oakland Dixieland Band
Brock Peacock
George and Sharon Sinnott
Eugene A Wolfbauer Trust

Friends ($125-$499)
Borg Warner Foundation
General Motors Foundation
McCourts Music
Thomas and Mary Asmus
Charles and Jessica Austin
Michael and Julia Brinkmann
Mark and Barbara Buchanan
David and Debra Lasko
John and Marilyn Lines
Douglas and Mary Zande

Community Members
Red Wagon Wine Shop
Robert and Anne Burns
Brinton and Anne Burns
Pamela Cox
Mark and Beatriz Crossman
Donald and Nancy Danko
John and Nancy Day
Nadine Gildner
Timothy and Susan Donovan
Michael and Joann Evola
James and Virgiline Goebel
Randy Gower
John and Lona Hakala
Julie Hillebrand
Doris Holser
Michael and Susan Kachorek
Sandra McIntyre
Michael and Catherine Morris
Christopher and Mary Reynolds
Jon and Patricia Stowell
Michael Sugar
James and Donna Swiatko
Michael and Pamela Ulrich
Mary Anne Walsh
Gary and Donna Westby